K Hrnčířům 96, Prague 4 - Šeberov

What's going on in Di Carlo?

16 LET.
We are celebrating a birthday!

Celebrate with us!

19 - 21 April 2023

Di Carlo Sheberov celebrates 16 years!

Celebrate with us with Jiří Sovíček's special birthday menu.

There's a new welcome drink you'll love, a light veal tartare with truffle pearls, a fantastic cuttlefish linguine with a good portion of seafood or the popular pork tenderloin...

Don't forget to book early.

We look forward to seeing you and thank you for your continued support!

Welcome drink
Martini Fiero & Kinley Tonic

Veal tartare
80g, with truffle pearls, green asparagus and our fritella
195 CZK

Pork tenderloin sous-vide
200g, served with grilled green asparagus, confit potatoes and morel mushroom sauce
325 CZK

Cuttlefish linguine
with tuna sashimi, seafood (calamari tentacle, shrimp, vongole Verace), roasted cherry tomatoes, lobster bisque and rocket
395 CZK

Cheesecake dumplings filled with nougat
served on vanilla cream with raspberries
155 CZK

We pour...
Friulano-Borgo San Daniele, Friuli 2021
0,1l 85 Kč