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Fish & Steaks. Legendary pizza.
And great wine.

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Festa Di Tonno 2024

What's going on in Di Carlo? Kick off the summer.Festa Di Tonno 2024! Festa Di Tonno 2024 Friday 7 June 2024

A restaurant where you are at home.

Shortly after the revolution, we opened one of the first private restaurants - on Charles Square - with a focus on Czech cuisine. We were also visited by the then President Václav Havel and Tomáš Bat'a and his team.

However, our hearts were increasingly drawn to Italy and Italian cuisine. And so in 1997 our first pizzeria was founded, which we named "Di Carlo" after Charles Square. Success was followed by pizzerias in Pankrác and in 2007 the current restaurant on the outskirts of Prague - Di Carlo Šeberov.

We also briefly stayed for you in Pitkovice and Lhotka, where you could enjoy our honest and traditional feast with us.